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    The Bill Moog Project is a new kind of leadership program – one customized for you based on your skill-sets and where you want to take your career. This program will give you a full understanding of our business, and help you build the networks, relationships and skills you need to become one of our future leaders.

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    What we do

    You'll find Moog products everywhere from aircrafts to hospitals.

    Make yourself a leader

    This leadership program is different: we‘ll help you develop your talents, abilities and aspirations in a way that‘s unique to you.



    In 1951, Bill Moog, a mechanical engineer, developed the electro-hydraulic servo valve, a device that translates tiny electrical impulses into precise and powerful movements, which for example, operate the throttle of an engine that uses cruise control. Bill saw the importance of this technology and, along with his brother Arthur and his colleague Lou Geyer, rented a corner in an abandoned airport in East Aurora, New York and formed the Moog Valve Company. Today, that company is a global engineering business called Moog, with a reputation for quality products and excellent people.

    From the start, Bill had a different idea about how a business should be run. Bill believed that people would be more creative, committed, and productive in an environment where they felt trusted, respected and rewarded. An idea that came to be known as the Moog Philosophy. It's a principle that still guides our company today as Bill's spirit lives on. We believe that work can – and should – be a more rewarding and satisfying experience in an atmosphere where we all trust and have confidence in each other.

    After growing the company for almost 40 years, in multiple divisions and 28 countries around the world, the spirit that Bill Moog instilled in the company is still embedded in the way we do business every day.

    We've developed The Bill Moog Project to help extraordinary people become the leaders they are destined to be. Just like Bill Moog.

    We believe in the people who work here.... having trust and confidence in our people is the only way we know."
    - BILL MOOG,

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    Robert Moog, Bill's cousin, explains how to pronounce Moog.


    Moog: a different kind of business.

    Moog was set up by a mechanical engineer with a vision. He transformed his inventions into a profitable business that operates around the world. Right from the beginning, Bill Moog recognized that the best way to run a business was to trust and respect his colleagues. He realized that capable, motivated people would attract each other. That was true when Moog was three men in a shed inventing the servo valve, and it's just as true now as we operate in 28 countries with an annual revenue of over $2 billion.

    Our customers know us for our quality, our innovation, and our commitment to service. We believe that's all down to our culture and the people who bring it to life. At Moog, we empower and inspire our people to achieve remarkable things – for our clients, for the company and for each other. This is an environment built on collaborative relationships and open communication. It's a place where talented and enthusiastic people work together to solve complex and difficult technical challenges. That kind of achievement, recognition and empowerment is what makes Moog a great place to be. It's what attracts the best people to our company and it's the reason they stay here.

    What other companies are now just discovering, we've known since 1951: people work best in an environment where they feel valued, involved and empowered.

    As Bill Moog put it, "We believe in the people who work here. Having trust and confidence in our people is the only way we know."

    Our worldwide presence

    Innovation and Opportunity

    We operate in various divisions including Aircraft, Space and Defense, Components and Industrial.

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    You'll find Moog products everywhere from aircrafts to hospitals.


    You take the lead.

    We're looking for the Bill Moogs of the future – inquisitive inventors, born entrepreneurs, natural visionaries.

    This is a deep immersion program in which you learn by doing. With a mentor in place, you'll get to experience the different divisions of our global innovative technology business. You'll also get to control the balance of your technical and managerial development, because this is a program that lets you define what kind of leader you want to be.

    Throughout The Bill Moog Project, you'll find yourself working on renowned names, cutting-edge products and inventive designs. The Project will take you on a two to four-year journey through Moog. During that time, you'll complete between three and five rotations through different parts of our business. There are a lot of areas for you to get experience in, including Product Engineering, Product Design, Manufacturing, Sourcing/Materials and System Development.

    Together, we'll create a unique path that ensures you get the most out of your experience with us. You'll learn about the technology areas that interest you and the markets you want to work in as you move through each challenging rotation and work on live projects that make a big impact on our business.

    At the end of the program, you'll be equipped with the technical and business skills that you need to become a future leader at Moog.

    Working with your mentor

    Your interests will help to shape your program.

    Show us what you can do. Take us places. Achieve your potential. If you're not afraid to become an expert, we'd like to talk to you."
    - Gonzalo Rey, Director,
    The Bill Moog Project

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    Gonzalo Rey talks about what makes this program so special.



    Your first assignment will be to help us structure the program based on where you want to take your career. We have plenty of opportunities to help you identify your goals early on.

    We'll work with you to tailor the project to your specific skills and help build your future career path as a leader at Moog. You'll develop an in-depth technical competence as you work on challenging, live projects.

    Rotations begin in our Aircraft division, but as you move along in the program you'll decide on the areas you'd like to explore. Along the way, you'll get to know our products, our people and our culture, as well as our different paths to leadership. When we say that we'll immerse you in the business, we really mean it. So we'll make sure you get to attend conferences around the world and have the chance to complete training and development programs. You'll meet plenty of people – many of whom have contributed to making Moog the success it is today.

    You might choose to become an expert in a certain technology. You might want to follow a managerial path. That's what makes this program unique. We don't just speak, we listen. And we believe that you'll be much more productive if you enjoy what you're doing.

    Who we're looking for

    If you're a potential Bill Moog, you'll already be outstanding at what you do.

    Moog is an engineer's company. We are staffed by great engineers. As an engineer myself, there are no limits on your career at Moog."
    - John Scannell,

    Program opportunities

    At Moog, you can work on some of the most exciting engineering challenges in the world today.


    Your future is in your hands, but we'll support you along the way. This map paints a picture of what the next few years could look like. Connect your own dots and create the career you want.

    Hover over the different functional areas to get an idea of the type of work you'll be doing


    Innovation starts with you. Create and refine preliminary product designs, then work with a test team to verify those concepts through development and testing.


    Push the boundaries of technology. Ensure that the electronics powering space and launch vehicles and controlling aircrafts are operating at the highest performance and reliability.


    See your work in action. Whether you are configuring test vectors or writing the code for a new embedded processor, you will play a vital part in making airplanes fly.


    Let your ingenuity shine. Take your own research idea from concept and approach through to execution and testing. You could even present your findings to the Moog community.


    Master the world where hardware, software and electronics meet. Work with teams across the business to create and integrate our state-of-the-art electromechanical and electrohydraulic systems.


    Help us achieve our vision. You will be a part of our business development team, learning how we build and maintain positive long-term relationships with our customers.


    Challenge yourself. Learn first-hand about our manufacturing techniques and processes, then apply your own machining approaches and methodologies to our designs.


    Be part of creating Moog's success. You will gain a firm understanding of our Aircraft Group objectives in order to strategize and secure a reliable future supply chain.

    Product Engineering

    Be involved from start to finish. Coordinate with test teams to validate designs in their initial stage while managing all technical requirements throughout the production process.

    Quality Assurance Engineering

    Put your problem-solving skills to the test. You will be part of an investigative team, analyzing hardware to determine the root of technical problems and executing corrective solutions.

  • The

    Do you have the drive and determination to become a leader at a company as special as Moog? If so, we want to learn more about you. Please click the link below to be re-directed to the program's description on our main careers site. There you can follow the instructions to submit your application. We have the opportunity, we want you to take it. GO


    Do you fit our minimum criteria?

    • Degree in Engineering (mechanical, aerospace, electrical, systems)
    • Minimum 3.5 GPA
    • Superior technical skills
    • Leadership potential
    • Willing to relocate
    • Experience as an engineering intern preferred


    Have a question about the program? Please reach out to Andrea Wilson at:

    For more information about Moog, please visit MOOG.COM